Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What is the Pleasure Philosophy?

In answer to the question above let us consult Ms. Merriam-Webster. 

Definition of pleasure: a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, satisfaction, or a pleasant feeling, or: an activity that is done for enjoyment, or: something or someone that causes a feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction.

Definition of philosophy: the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, or: a particular set of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc., or: a set of ideas about how to do something or how to live.

Therefore a Pleasure Philosophy would be a set of ideas or knowledge on how to obtain happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction. This is what this blog intends to be about.

What do we know about pleasure? We know only two things about pleasure:
1) Pleasure is something that is known only to oneself. In other words, only you really know what is pleasurable to you.

2) Each human being strives to obtain pleasure and what is pleasurable to each person is as varied as there are people on Earth.
You may have things you find pleasurable that other people don't find pleasurable at all (or may even find them painful) and vice versa. Some things you find pleasurable you may not even admit to. If you and your spouse or friends find certain things pleasurable then you have something that you can share together and have a pleasurable time.
There are many ways to experience pleasure but the most important tools in experiencing pleasure are a person's body and mind. One person's body can experience pleasure differently than another person's body. Just like one person's mind may experience pleasure differently than another person's mind.
Example: One person may like tequila and another person may find tequila one of the most revolting liquids ever invented. Basically, there are four ways of experiencing anything. Let's explore them using tequila.

1) Tequila tastes good. As in, this tequila smells like vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch with floral undertones. The taste is soft, buttery and sweet with bourbon notes of vanilla and caramel.
2) Tequila tastes bad. It smells and tastes like rotten vegetables.

3) Tequila gives one a feeling of well-being and makes one feel extremely relaxed. Two shots provide a somewhat natural way to relax and also help one sleep the whole night through.
4) Tequila makes one feel terrible. Too much tequila gives one a feeling that it is okay to take one's clothes off and have sex with a complete stranger or strangers. Plus, the next morning one has no idea that this has occurred along with a splitting headache.

Now at first glance it may appear that examples (1) and (3) are pleasurable and examples (2) and (4) are unpleasurable and/or even painful. But that is a limited viewpoint as pleasure is a personal thing and some people may find the taste of rotten vegetables delightful while still others may find losing their inhibitions and having sex with complete strangers something to talk about as the "best time I ever had."
Let us not be judgmental. Nobody likes to be judged. The point is, these are the four ways that something can be experienced. The body either experiences pleasure or it doesn't and the mind either experiences pleasure or it doesn't. To add even more complexity, sometimes the mind will experience a certain experience as pleasurable while the body does not experience the same thing as pleasurable and vice versa. 
In "The Pleasure Philosophy" blog we will seek to provide ways of obtaining maximum pleasure if only from reading the article about pleasure. Anyone wishing to provide links to pleasure may do so in the Comments Section. In fact, I will review any link and render my opinion. I won't be judgmental because this website is all about how to obtain pleasure for oneself and that is different to each and everyone of us.
My first advice is to explore new things and discover what is pleasurable to you.

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