Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fear and No Fear

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.” ~ Harun Yahya

That is an interesting quote. I often have wondered why people live in freezing temperatures or stay in a desert where there is no food. 

Why is it that people resist change so much? Have they become accustomed to it? Are they comfortable? Certainly not if they are freezing or unable to eat. Do they have family they don't want to leave? What is it?

I think usually the answer is simple. People just don't like change. Maybe to them change means time passing and time passing leads to death. Change = Death. One can see how that might be what they subconsciously are thinking. But really, the opposite is true.  

For change is Life. We change every moment. It is impossible not to change. So the question then becomes, "How much would you like to change?" Some might say very little. Others may say a lot.  

There is also the fear that if one changes too much their new change may be worse than their old circumstances. So fear may play into this as well. However, is that really the way one wants to live Life? How can we make Life more livable and more pleasurable? 

Here is the best way:

There are only two basic conditions in Life: Fear and no fear.

A condition is a state of being. If you think about it a while you will find you are in one condition or the other. If you have any fear present you are not in the condition of "no fear." As long as you have any fear present you have less pleasure in Life to that degree.

Since subscribing to this view of things, it has made all the difference in the pleasure level in my life. "No fear" is the only way to live a completely pleasurable life. 

There are infinite things that cause people to be in a condition of fear: they can't pay their bills, they might lose their job, they might have a car accident, worrying about their children, dreading their own death or a loved one's death, etc. 

They are afraid of being harmed. But in truth, you can't ever really be harmed. One need only read the thousands of firsthand accounts of NDEs (near death experiences) to see that one survives no matter what happens to their body. There is too much evidence extant that one does not die off when the body dies so what really do they have to fear? Whether you believe you go to Heaven, Paradise, or come back to live again doesn't matter. You survive death.

Therefore, the only people with a valid fear are the atheists. Atheists believe that one life is all you get. Once you're dead, you're dead. 

If they thought about it long enough they would realize that they have to disavow their own basic tenets of the physical universe to actually think that way. The universe is based on circles and spirals. It is based on renewal and revolving and evolving. 

So how they think that consciousness is linear with a beginning and an ending and doesn't follow the same rules of the physical universe is a mystery. 

To sum it up, Life should not be a fearful activity for most people. It should be an adventure. One must purposely live it to get the most out of it and feel every moment. Feel love, joy, pain, sorrow, and all the rest. Relish every moment. Then you are really living. Be grateful for it all. This is the best way to live. 

If you want to move to Italy or buy a winery in Argentina or scale Mt. Everest nothing should hold you back. Things cost money certainly. But they are not unobtainable. One can plan and stick to it if one wants something bad enough. Or don't. It is up to you.

Do your life the way you want to do your life. It is your canvas. If you don't like the picture you're painting throw the canvas out and start painting a new picture. What is the worst thing that could happen to you? Bankruptcy? Death? Pffft. Why worry about anything? Experience it. Feel the moment.  

I can assure you of one thing: We survive death. Even the atheists.